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Yoga in the Workplace


Teaching corporate yoga and meditation in workplaces for some years now has helped me to devise some effective work-based programmes to help guide employers when looking for ways to support their staff. 


Whether one of these particular programmes appeals to you or you would like to incorporate components from each to form the perfect type of class for your workplace, simply contact me to arrange your free consultation and we can discuss just that!

Yoga & Meditation

Wonderful for....

Anyone and everyone any time of day!

Just your average relaxation inducing, strength building, life-altering yoga class ;) Sessions will open with a breathing exercise to induce an optimal state for your practice, followed by a powerful yet mindful sequence of movements and conclude with a guided resting pose and meditation technique. A magnificent alchemy of elements perfectly honed by yogis through the centuries to induce calm, replenish and revitalise the body, cultivate concentration and bring the body and mind back into a peaceful and highly therapeutic state of homeostasis.

Stretch & Meditation: No Mats Required!

Wonderful for....

Mornings or lunchtimes and workplaces with limited class space!

Revitalise the body with gentle standing and chair seated yoga poses to stimulate circulation, create an optimal posture for meditation and settle the mind. Followed by simple yet powerful meditation and breathing techniques to increase mindful awareness, boost focus and concentration, foster creativity and innovation and cultivate balance and harmony in the mind. Leave feeling calm, refreshed and focused.

Yoga for Strength, Vitality & Postural Health

Wonderful for....

people in seated roles who may not have time to access regular classes - any time of day!

Especially beneficial for people working in a primarily sedentary role. With a focus on building core strength, spinal health, and fostering balance in the body, integrity of muscles and joints and improve blood and lymphatic circulation to support overall health and immunity. Followed by a guided resting pose to relax the body, calm and focus the mind and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system into a state of ‘rest & digest’ for optimal health and vitality. 

Yoga Flow Class with Guided Relaxation Technique

Wonderful for....

the end of the working day. Great for high-intensity, fast-paced workplaces!

The full and powerful yoga experience. Class opens with meditative breathing exercises to induce an optimal state for your practice. This is followed by mindful movement led by the rhythm of your breath - integrating yoga poses focused on bringing strength, postural health, mobility and balance to the body. Class closes with a guided Yoga Nidra, an incredibly powerful yogic meditation technique to induce a state of deep peace and serenity.

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