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Yoga Classes in the Workplace

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"I signed up to the office yoga group rather tentatively, especially as I was a bit wary about my lack of flexibility. Susanne was brilliant and started us all off with some very gentle exercises suitable for all beginners. Over the weeks I have seen my abilities and enjoyment continue to increase and noticed improvements in my posture and balance.

Susanne is really patient and has a very calming influence over the group. I always walk away feeling relaxed and as though I am floating back to my desk."

Amrit Marway, Architecture for London


It’s wonderful to live in an age where everyone from major corporations to emerging start-ups have come to place such value on the overwhelming benefits of promoting a healthy, happy workforce through various health, fitness and mindfulness modalities.


Nowadays of course it feels like a no-brainer; thriving individuals create thriving organisations. Thriving organisations create thriving results; growth, profits, innovation, and so on.


Having taught corporate yoga and meditation in workplaces for many years now I have seen the incredible impact a regular practice can have on employees postural health, strength, mobility, concentration, focus, mood and overall well-being.


“Every week we clear the reception area after work and Susanne converts it into our very own pop-up studio. After a busy day at the desk and in meetings, there is nothing better than taking some time to reconnect, breathe and flow. Susanne’s style is calm, but strong, and incredibly energising. She has turned many of the team who had been too shy to go to a class, into yoga disciples. I couldn’t recommend Susanne more highly.”

Elin de Zoete, PLMR Westminster

All you need is a space to fit one mat per person (average mat sizes are approx. 68 x 24 inches). And that’s it! No fancy equipment or set-up required. Group class numbers can vary from 2 to 20 students in size.

For all booking enquiries, rates and availability or to arrange your free taster session please contact me.

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